Friday, December 2, 2016


Jewels are a precious, curious and beautiful things.
Some are considered rare and others common.
We use them to show our love to someone and sometimes show them off.
I personally see people as jewels.
We are precious and bold, beautiful and rare.
When we loose a jewel, there is a deep sadness and hurt.
We miss it deeply, but remember it perfectly.
Today, a jewel was lost.
She was taken home to be with her gracious, jealous and loving Father.

Sometimes, her stubbornness would  be obnoxious, but we knew that was just a part of the package.
She had a heart of gold, intelligent mind and strong soul.
The memories I have of her and with her I will forever cherish.
Sister, friend and joyous soul.
She was full of life and her smile was infectious.
She was crafty, creative and bubbly.

To my sweet Jewel,
I love you forever.
Although we didn't get along sometimes, you were still like family.
I consider you a sister, not only in life but in Christ.
You have taught me so much, whether you knew it or not.
Being able to hold your hand, tell you I love you and see your beautiful eyes light up are something I will never forget.
I will see you again, my sweet and precious Julie.

All my love and more,


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