Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow.

There are days where I just don't feel like I can make it.
Things get in the way and I don't want to mess with it.
I just get in this funk to where nothing I say or do makes a difference.
It's pretty odd.
There is one thing I do remember getting told when I was young;
"Smile Sally, the Sun will shine tomorrow."
I try to keep this in my head when things aren't going great.
I try to remember that this is true.
The Sun will shine tomorrow.
Another day will come and go.
It's the way life is.
We have good days.
We have bad days.
We have days that feel to never end.
We have days that slip through our fingers.

Things don't exactly go our way.
We can plan out every detail, but somehow it will never cease to amaze me how it all works out in the end.
We feel like we have everything so planned out.
Detail by detail, we fill our days with so many things.
It gets old.
The same routine at a never-changing pace.
Why can't we just stop?
Why do we keep going around in these circles?
The past few weeks have felt like no matter how hard I would work, I would always end up short.
No matter how hard I would push myself, it wasn't good enough.
Regardless of everything I do, I can't pass that line of "success".
Is it just me?
I mean, I try to keep positive, but it just gets so old.
Having to tell yourself multiple times that "you can do this" doesn't have much of an effect on me.
It just gets my hopes up half the time.

I'm really good at keeping this "happy" face on.
When things are really, just absolutely terribly, I can usually hid it.
People usually know somethings up, but I just ignore it which make them forget about it too.
It's one of the many things I can do pretty well.
I feel like if I help others with what is going on in their life, then I can sort mine out.
Obviously, that's a really stupid thing to do, but I hate focusing so much attention on myself.
Psalm 68:19-20 really hit me in the face the other day.
It says:
"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death."
Like, seriously?!
I read this and broke down.
How stupid am I?
I keep piling all these things on ME.
I keep hurting ME.
I try to do this by MYSELF.
He carries us through anything, we just have to ask him.
He makes each day something different in some way.
Even when it doesn't go our way, he makes it work out in the end.
He will make the Sun shine tomorrow.

No matter what gets thrown on your plate, I will tell you the same thing I was told and finally realized, "the Sun will shine tomorrow."