Tuesday, July 12, 2016

To the one whom my soul loves...

You are my better half, my soul mate and the one who God has intended me to spend the rest of my life with.
I pray for you, for me and for us.
I'm not even sure if I've met you and if I have, I wouldn't know.
I know that when the both of us were created, Christ had a plan for us to be together.
When, where and how?--I'm still not sure.

I pray for the one who has you now.
That she is treating you right and giving you the love you deserve.
I also pray that when the time comes for you both to let go of each other, that you each have the strength, endurance and hope that it is for the better.
It will be hard, but keep trusting that God is preparing you for me.

I pray for you each day.
I pray that God provides in every way that seems fit for you in that moment.
I pray that He gives you joy, peace, hope and happiness--even when the waters are rough.
I pray that He prepares your heart for me.

I pray for myself.
I pray for forgiveness for the sins I've committed.
I pray for healing and endurance.
I pray that He prepares my heart and soul for you.

I pray for our families.
That they grow together.
That we are able to come together and celebrate the works that God has provided.
That we start our family with Christ at the center.

I have been in love.
I have been hurt.
I have felt like the world has come crashing down.
I have seen God's majesty at work.
I have cried for change and celebrated when it happened.
I have sinned, but He has forgiven me.

I ask just a few things of you, my love.
I ask that you love the Lord more than you will ever love me.
That you treat me like I deserve to be treated and love me with all you have.
That you never hurt me and throw off balance.
That you trust the wait and uncertainty for now because He will provide.
That when the time comes, that you give me all of you.
That you pray continually for you, me and us.
Keep dreaming, keep pushing and do not give up.
Failure will happen, but you have to pick yourself back up.

Here is what I promise you.
I promise that I will give you all I have.
I promise to love Christ will every inch of my being.
I promise to never hurt you, lie to you, or keep things from you.
I promise to tell you everything on my mind and heart.
I promise to keep praying for you, myself and us.
I promise to treat you well and provide in what ways I can.
I promise to give you all of me.

Together, we will do many wonderful things.
We will be happy, in love and God-fearing together.
I can't promise you perfection, but I can promise you that I will give my all.
Failure will happen, but the beauty of that is to keep pushing.

To the one whom my soul loves...
I love you.